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At the beginning of the 1980s Jakez Kerhoas, at the time director of a yacht cruising company called Groupe Finistérien de Croisière, put together the first traditional boat festivals in Pors Beac'h near Brest. It was then that he met a small group of researchers and enthusiasts who were soon to found 'Chasse-Marée', a magazine dedicated to maritime history and anthropology. Jakez integrated this select little group as their events specialist and went on to organize various boat festivals such as Douarnenez 86, Douarnenez 88 and Brest – Douarnenez 92.

For more information go to Yffic Dornic's www.portde.info

In 1987 Anne Burlat, then consultant in tourist development, was contacted by Chasse-Marée and eventually took part in what was to be her first maritime event: DZ 88. This key moment led to her joining Jakez Kerhoas's team to take care of communication and international relations for Brest 92.

After the Brest and Douarnenez festivals in 1992 the company running Chasse-Marée, which had been the 'producer' of the boat festivals since 1986, decided to withdraw its direct involvement from the events to concentrate on its magazine and publishing activities... It was then that Jakez Kerhoas and Anne Burlat decided to set up Grand Large Ltd so that they could continue the job they loved – organizing maritime festivals – and satisfy a pressing request for assistance from Brest City Council prior to BREST 96.

The company's offices are situated on the MV Grand Large (a motor barge built by Freyssinet in 1950) which has been moored on the Saint Félix Canal at the heart of the city of Nantes since the year 2000.

Jakez and Anne with Admiral Stéphan in Brest's commercial port during preparations for BREST 92 :


Péniche "Grand Large" - Canal St Félix, Quai Malakoff - 44000 Nantes - France - tél : 33 (0)2 40 12 04 04 - info@grand-large.fr