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Boat owners, operating companies and charities
Our company would be nothing without our passion for the sea and boats, and our friendly relations with sailing charities, shipowners and of course their crews.
Feel free to contact us and register your details so we can keep you informed about up-and-coming maritime events and invite you to the fun...

Eligible boats
Classic and traditional craft
(Heritage boats, replicas and restorations but also modern boats based on classic designs and styles)
- International tall ships
- World maritime heritage boats
- Traditional European sailing boats
- Classic yachts and sailing boats built prior to the 1960s
- Yachts and sailing cruisers from the 1960s onwards
- Rowing and sailing boats
- Gigs, kayaks and canoes
- Classic motor boats

The Morbihan Week Flotillas
-Flotilla No.1 – Gigs
Bantry Bay gigs, Ness yawls, Morbihan gigs, Odet River gigs, Aboville rowing gigs, Cornish pilot gigs and Scilly pilot gigs.
-Flotilla No.2 – Sail and Oar
Dories, skiffs and all other little flat-bottomed sailing boats from 3 to 5 metres long equipped with oars.
-Flotilla No.3 – Traditional Leisure Boats
Drascombes, Loctudys, Olonnois... Old centre-boarders, open sailing boats, gaff-rigged sloops, luggers under 6 metres, Cornish Shrimpers...
- Flotilla No.4 – Large Classic Yachts over 8 metres long
Classic gaff or bermuda-rigged yachts, International Rule yachts, old keel boats from one-design regattas, racer-cruisers of the Royal Ocean Racing Club...
- Flotilla No.5 – 1960s Cruisers
Marine ply cruisers such as Seagulls, Seamews, Corsaires, Mousquetaires...
- Flotilla No.6 – Working Boats
Zulus, barges, luggers, gaff-rigged sloops, cutters and yawls… Restored fishing smacks and replicas
- Flotilla No.7 – Small Classic Yachts under 8 metres long
Stella One-Designs, Folkboats, Guépards, Cormorans, Belougas, Morgann 5.50, Tofinou, Billie Charlotte....

And also...
- A charter fleet
The most beautiful examples of large heritage sailing craft from all over France and Europe attend Morbihan Week... they are mostly operated as charter ships and are supported by companies from all over Brittany.

View gallery of flotillas from Morbihan Week 2009

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