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Operating procedure
In most cases Grand Large Ltd is subcontracted to the main contracting body for the event such as a city council, a local authority or some other organization.

Grand Large Ltd is competent in all aspects of organizing an event, from its very beginnings (concept, feasibility study, project development) up to the actual 'hands-on' prosecution of the event and all the various issues and duties involved.

Establishing the main theme of the event, identifying potential projects and refining ideas
- Choose the dates and sites
- Put together the general programme for the event
- Identify possible themes, contents and programmes
- Draw up a provisional budget

Organizing the event
- Contact and invite vessel owners (private or public owners)
- Select heritage vessels available for charter and negotiate with the owners
- Inform and mobilize cultural and maritime networks, notably associations and charities in France and the rest of Europe (see LINKS)
- Choose and implement cultural entertainment and sailing events
- Manage technical teams and other event officials

Promoting the event
- Identify and develop the 'maritime' communication (documents targeted at boat owners)
- Identify and develop the documents destined for the media and the general public (brochures, press packs, programmes, flyers, and so on)
- Develop a media plan
- Inform, motivate and mobilize journalists

Principal achievements :
Events (assisting the contracting authority):
• BREST 96, BREST 2000, BREST 2004, BREST 2008, 2012
• Douarnenez 96, Douarnenez 98
• Paimpol Sea Shanty Festival 97, 99 and 2001
• Creation of Morbihan Week in 2001
• Morbihan Week 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015…
Studies, advice:
Feasibility study for a maritime event in the north of France under contract to the development body Syndicat Mixte de la Côte d'Opale (2001)
Feasibility study for a maritime and river heritage event in the Loire-Atlantique Department of France under contract to Loire-Atlantique General Council (2002)
Consultants for a tall ship festival celebrating the start of the Volvo Race at Vigo under contract to the Deporte Galego Foundation and the local government of Galicia (2005)
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